Near West

Bordered by White River Parkway, the Near West is within walking distance of IUPUI and downtown Indy. Incorporated as Indianapolis’s first suburb in 1888, it is among the oldest Indianapolis neighborhoods–and arguably one of its most diverse.

The Near West boasts easy access to downtown, 19 parks and recreational areas, and popular neighborhood eateries like Judge’s Tip of the Rib Barbecue and Working Man’s Friend. Surrounded by major state and national attractions such as the White River State Park museums, the Indianapolis Zoo, and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, residents regard the Near West as one of the safest and most convenient places to live in Indianapolis.

Hawthorne Social Service Association is a Community Center, a Center for Working Families site and the convening agency for LISC’s comprehensive community development work in West Indianapolis. They work closely with Westside Community Development Corporation, a CDC that provides housing and economic development. Many other partners collaborate with these organizations to improve the Near West, including the IUPUI, Kinney Group, George Washington Community School, BMW Construction, Christamore House, IMPD, Goodwill, and Judge’s Barbecue.

LISC has worked with other organizations to contribute to significant investments in the Near West. Major developments that are complete or in development include:

  • The 144-unit Steeples on Washington apartments
  • The 75-unit Lincoln Apartments for veterans (currently under construction)
  • The new $1.2 million Kinney Group headquarters
  • The 100,000-square foot Brightfarms greenhouse

Dollars invested/leveraged:
Total Quality-of-Life Investment: $69 million
Total LISC Investment: $983,000
Total Leverage: $60 million
Total Centers for Working Families Clients Served: 1,200
Total Square Feet Improved: 122,000
Community facilities/commercial space with direct LISC support.

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