North Mass Industrial District

 North Mass (Mass Ave Brookside Industrial Corridor)

North Mass is a 500+ acre legacy industrial district northeast of downtown Indianapolis that runs along I-70 from Mass Ave and 10th Street up to Sherman Drive. The Corridor, home to small businesses ranging from 1-75 employees, is also home to many vacant and underutilized properties. In 2014, the Urban Land Institute studied this area through the Daniel Rose Fellowship and identified the significant redevelopment and reuse potential for this area. The initial work done through this study prompted LISC to designate the area as a FOCUS district and to direct resources, staff and technical support towards reinvestment and redevelopment efforts in this area. Leading these efforts is the Riley Area Development Corporation (RADC) who is working to connect existing businesses in the area to workforce development programs, resources at the City and State, façade grants and to other businesses, while also working to bring new businesses to the many vacant properties. In addition to growing the business presence and strength of the area, attention is being given to the aging infrastructure and aesthetic of the area which is important to the businesses but also the Martindale Brightwood and Near Eastside neighborhoods which flank the Corridor. Website:


Contact Information:
Mark Carter
Riley Area Development Corporation
875 Massachusetts Avenue
Suite 101
Indianapolis, IN 46204