Near East

Located just outside the heart of downtown Indianapolis, the Near Eastside includes 20 different neighborhoods with 30,000-plus residents who actively seek to preserve the historic character and cultural diversity of the area. Its combination of green space, businesses, homes, and schools makes it a geographically convenient and asset-rich place to live, work, and play.

The John H. Boner Community Center is the convening agency for the comprehensive community development work on the Near Eastside. It also serves as the site for the neighborhood Center for Working Families. The Boner Center, as it is known to neighborhood residents, works closely with several key partners to implement the work.

Indy-East Asset Development supports the neighborhood’s housing development. East Tenth Street Civic Association works to bring economic growth to the Tenth Street Business District. Englewood Community Development Corporation supports the redevelopment of the Englewood neighborhood and the revitalization of the East Washington Corridor. NESCO works to bring together neighbors to build a better community. Together with many other partners including businesses, religious institutions, schools, community organizations, and neighborhood associations, the neighborhood works to improve the quality of life of the Near Eastside.

Jefferson Apartments. Opened in May 2010, the Jefferson Apartments provide 18 residencies for low-to-moderate income residents and two homeowner-occupied condominiums. The residents have access to a wide range of services and counseling, including help finding jobs and improving their credit — all with a goal of transitioning from renter to homeowner, and buying a home in the surrounding neighborhood.

Chase Near Eastside Legacy Center. Opened in February, 2012 this 26,789-square foot, LEED-Gold certified building ius the result of LISC’s and the Near Eastside’s partnership with the 2012 Super Bowl Legacy Project. Located on the campus of Arsenal Technical High School, it includes a fitness center, youth education programs, greenhouse/gardens, and programs and other efforts related to nutrition and wellbeing. This project also included the installation of an NFL quality artificial football field and a new track next door.

MIBOR – Centennial Homes. The Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors® partnered with the Super Bowl Legacy Project to create 32 affordable rental homes for families at risk of homelessness as part of the revitalization of the St. Clair Place neighborhood. With a lead gift of $500,000, MIBOR, together with neighborhood groups, raised the resources to renovate formerly foreclosed homes or build new homes on vacant lots.

The CommonWealth. The CommonWealth resulted from the transformation of the former Lucretia Mott Elementary School into a stunning mixed-income apartment community with unique neighborhood serving recreational amenities. It is the first fully integrated housing development in Indiana successfully incorporating units for market rate, low-to-moderate and chronically homeless households under one roof.

The East Washington Street Partnership. In 2011, community stakeholders came together to create The East Washington Street Vision Plan recommending implementation of rail transit into Near Eastside corridor. Upon this recommendation, Englewood Community Development Corporation (ECDC), Indy-east Asset Development (I-AD) and Southeast Neighborhood Development (SEND) have agreed to a collaboration known as the East Washington Street Partnership.

Pogue’s Run Grocer. Pogue’s Run Grocer, a member-owned grocery store, is a 6,000 square-foot retail store and deli cafe that specializes in natural, organic and locally produced food available for member-owners and non-members alike. With approximately half of the member-owners residing outside of the Near Eastside of Indianapolis, the grocer represents an important economic development initiative.

Dollars invested/leveraged:
Total Quality-of-Life Investment: $166.6 million
Total LISC Investment: $16.6 million
Total Leverage: $150 million
Total Center for Working Families Clients Served: 4,500
Total Housing Units Developed: 105
Total Square Feet Improved: 571,000
Community facilities/commercial space with direct LISC support.

To download the original Near East Quality of Life Plan, click here.

Because Quality of Life Plans are updated regularly, visit here to view the most recent version.

North Mass Industrial Corridor

The North Mass Industrial Corridor is a 500+ acre legacy industrial district northeast of downtown Indianapolis that runs along I-70 from Mass Ave and 10th Street up to Sherman Drive. The Corridor, home to small businesses ranging from 1-75 employees, is also home to many vacant and underutilized properties. In 2014, the Urban Land Institute studied this area through the Daniel Rose Fellowship and identified the significant redevelopment and reuse potential for this area. The initial work done through this study prompted LISC to designate the area as a FOCUS district and to direct resources, staff and technical support towards reinvestment and redevelopment efforts in this area. Leading these efforts is the Riley Area Development Corporation (RADC) who is working to connect existing businesses in the area to workforce development programs, resources at the City and State, façade grants and to other businesses, while also working to bring new businesses to the many vacant properties. In addition to growing the business presence and strength of the area, attention is being given to the aging infrastructure and aesthetic of the area which is important to the businesses but also the Martindale Brightwood and Near Eastside neighborhoods which flank the Corridor.

In the spring of 2015, RADC hired Anderson Bohlander and Greenstreet Ltd. to begin work on a multi-month in-depth study of the area’s assets and challenges looking at infrastructure, zoning, available workforce, parcel sizes and a number of other factors to create a set of recommendations to guide reinvestment and reuse efforts in the Corridor for the coming years. The plan they created builds upon and complements existing documents including Quality of Life plans for nearby neighborhoods, the CEDs, Indy FastTrack, Linking Regional Economic Clusters with Targeted Urban Places, etc. This plan will serve as a tool for policy makers, non-profit partners and a set of stakeholders to guide actions in the area and will support other converging efforts taking place in downtown Indianapolis and the IndyEast Federal Promise Zone.

As revitalization efforts evolve in the North Mass Industrial Corridor, stay connected via our monthly corridor-focused newsletter to alert you of business opportunities, grants, beautification efforts, planning updates, company relocations, public meetings, and more!


Mass Ave Brookside Industrial Corridor Plan

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