Developed in the early part of the 20th century when bridges and streetcars first crossed historic Fall Creek, the Mid-North neighborhood has a history of embracing innovation, integration, and education. In the heart of Indianapolis, Mid-North is now home to more than 10,000 residents from six neighborhoods that cover three square miles. What began in the 19th century as farmland with a few stopping points for travelers has since developed into the six neighborhoods that we know  today as Crown Hill, Highland Vicinity, Historic Meridian Park, Mapleton Fall Creek, Meridian Highland, and Watson-McCord.

As the convening organization for the Mid-North neighborhood, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis partnered with LISC and other stakeholders in the area to strengthen the capacity of the neighborhood to accomplish comprehensive community development.

Currently, the neighborhood is receiving support from LISC to increase community building, participate in the Mid-North quality-of-life plan, and take action to implement strategies outlined in their plan.  During implementation, LISC is working with Mid-North across a number of programs, including school partnerships, The Ivy Tech Center for Working Families, health partnerships, economic development, housing and community capacity building.

Dollars invested/leveraged (since 2010):
Total Quality-of-Life Investment: $42.7 million
Total LISC Investment: $11.7 million
Total Leverage: $31 million
Total Centers for Working Families Clients Served: 35
Total Housing Units Developed: 33
Total Square Feet Improved: 161,000
Community facilities/commercial space with direct LISC support.

To download the original Mid-North Quality of Life Plan, click here.

To watch a video about it, click here.