FOCUS Commercial Corridors

Mass Ave Brookside Industrial Corridor

The Mass Ave Brookside Industrial Corridor is a 500+ acre legacy industrial district northeast of downtown Indianapolis that runs along I-70 from Mass Ave and 10th Street up to Sherman Drive. The Corridor, home to small businesses ranging from 1-75 employees, is also home to many vacant and underutilized properties. In 2014, the Urban Land Institute studied this area through the Daniel Rose Fellowship and identified the significant redevelopment and reuse potential for this area. The initial work done through this study prompted LISC to designate the area as a FOCUS district and to direct resources, staff and technical support towards reinvestment and redevelopment efforts in this area. Leading these efforts is the Riley Area Development Corporation (RADC) who is working to connect existing businesses in the area to workforce development programs, resources at the City and State, façade grants and to other businesses, while also working to bring new businesses to the many vacant properties. In addition to growing the business presence and strength of the area, attention is being given to the aging infrastructure and aesthetic of the area which is important to the businesses but also the Martindale Brightwood and Near Eastside neighborhoods which flank the Corridor. Website:

Mass Ave Brookside Industrial Corridor Plan_2015_lo-res-46

Contact Information:
Emily Scott
Riley Area Development Corporation
875 Massachusetts Avenue
Suite 101
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Tel: 812-205-5597


East Washington Street Partnership

East Washington Street, the Old National Road, is a heavily used commuter corridor that has changed in the past 100 years from a heavy industrial focus to a mixed-use corridor. Residential, commercial and industrial sites are under development to enhance the character of East Washington Street. Corridor redevelopment is supported by Englewood CDC. Website:

Angies List

Contact Information:
Joe Bowling
Englewood Community Development Corporation
57 N Rural Street
Indianapolis, IN 46201
Tel: 317-496-2662


International Marketplace Coalition/Lafayette Square

Lafayette Square is an international food destination near 38th Street and Lafayette Road that is home to a diverse variety of businesses, restaurants, groceries, shops, service centers, and community-serving organizations. Corridor redevelopment is supported by the International Marketplace Coalition. Website:

Big Car Service Center Lafayette Rd 3

Contact Information:
International Marketplace Coalition
P.O. Box 531515
Indianapolis, IN 46253
Tel: 317-925-5722

Former FOCUS Commercial Corridors

Crooked Creek

Michigan Road is the main corridor of this diverse community stretching from 38th Street to 86th Street, which consists of small businesses, cultural, educational and healthcare institutions, and community resource centers by engaged residents. Corridor redevelopment is supported by the Crooked Creek CDC. Website:


Contact Information:

Scott Armstrong
Crooked Creek Community Development Corporation
7003B N Michigan Road
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Tel: 317-257-5388


Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Street

Continuing south, Michigan Road becomes Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Street, celebrating the legacy of this traditionally strong and vibrant African-American neighborhood. Martin Luther King, Jr. Street is the key thoroughfare uniting the Crown Hill, Riverside, and Northwest neighborhoods. The focus area from 38th Street to Indiana Avenue consists of small, locally-owned businesses, restaurants, nonprofit organizations, schools, institutions, homes, churches, and parks. Corridor redevelopment is supported by Flanner House. Website:


Contact Information:

Wilbert A. Buckner
Flanner House
2424 Dr Martin Luther King Jr. Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Tel: 317-925-4231 x259


East 10th Street

East 10th Street Business District, between Temple and Olney Streets, is an early 20th Century commercial corridor transformed through a partnership with the 2012 Super Bowl Host Committee. The corridor is home to many neighborhood-serving small businesses, including retail and restaurants. Corridor redevelopment is supported by East 10th Street Civic Association. Website:


Contact Information:

Tammi Hughes
East 10th Street Civic Association
3125 E. 10th Street, Suite J
Indianapolis, IN 46201
Tel: 317-633-8162


Fountain Square

The Fountain Square area is a bustling center of activity on Indianapolis’ southeast side, and provides a variety of cafes, antique stores, art galleries, ethnic restaurants and music venues. Website:




Continuing along the Old National Road, between Ritter to Edmondson Avenue, East Washington Street becomes the Historic Irvington Business District. Irvington is home to a number of independently-owned restaurants and retail businesses alongside well-known, nationwide retailers. Corridor redevelopment is supported by Irvington Development Organization. Website:


Contact Information:
Margaret Banning
Irvington Development Organization
338 S Arlington Avenue, Suite 202
Indianapolis, IN 46219
Tel: 317-260-0669



On the near northside of Indianapolis, the neighborhoods of Mid-North are home to over 100 businesses, many churches, nonprofit organizations, and some of the City’s best landmarks. Infrastructure developments and corridor enhancements contribute to the momentum of this area. Corridor development is supported by Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corporation and Near North Development Corporation. Websites:


Contact Information:
Duane Ingram
Mapleton Fall Creek Development Corporation
130 E 30th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46205
Tel: 317-923-5514 x224

1435 N Meridian Hardware 2

Near North Development Corporation
1433 N Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
Tel: 317-927-9881


North Meridian Street

Meridian Street is a mixed-use north-south thoroughfare that serves a variety of users and directs visitors to some of Indianapolis’ best-known headquarters and destinations.  Meridian Street also provides many neighborhood-serving amenities and services. Website:


West Washington Street

The West Washington Street corridor is a mixed-use destination for both the surrounding area and visitors, filled with both residences and small businesses, including many restaurants, retail stores, and professional services. Website:



16th Street

Early prioritization of the 16th Street corridor focused on developing key intersections, and increasing retail businesses and neighborhood-serving amenities. Since then, 16th Street has become a growing commercial and residential destination. Website:



Massachusetts Avenue

Mass Ave was the first example of successfully using the FOCUS Tool Box to spur urban commercial revitalization. The area has since become a very mature entertainment and shopping district in the heart of the City. Website:



For more information about FOCUS, please contact:

Rachel McIntosh
Senior Program Officer