What We Do

LISC plays a central role in several collective impact initiatives in Indianapolis and these partnerships are its primary means of creating and implementing programs. Collective impact is the commitment of a group of actors from different sectors to a common agenda for solving a complex social problem3. Recognizing that large- scale social change requires broad cross-sector coordination, it is largely through various initiatives that LISC helps people and places prosper in Indianapolis neighborhoods. While LISC contributes leadership and functions as the backbone for these initiatives, many implementation partners play significant roles in the execution of these aspirational and transformative initiatives.
As the backbone organization for these initiatives, LISC:
  • Helps guide the initiative’s vision and strategy
  • Supports and encourages aligned activities, connecting and convening stakeholders
  • Builds public will
  • Advances policy
  • Mobilizes resources
  • Establishes and monitors shared measurement practices
LISC also provides the following direct program activities to these initiatives:
  • Technical Assistance on Real Estate projects
  • Technical Assistance on Capacity Building and Organizational Development
  • Loan Capital
  • Grants
  • Equity Investments
LISC will measure our impact by tracking investment and progress in each of the initiatives below using the following outcomes: