How We Do It

12065724_10153358512194531_491036185935122861_nLISC realizes that comprehensive community development can’t be imposed by outsiders coming into neighborhoods to “make them better.” Real, lasting, positive change is conceived and driven when neighbors and stakeholders inside the community create dedicated organizations to lead the charge. Before change can happen in a neighborhood, effective institutions have to be in place and working together. That’s why we’ve long been committed to assisting in the development of strong grassroots organizations inside the urban neighborhoods we serve.

We connect neighborhoods to funders, government agencies, technical assistance and other resources that help them advance local plans and implement community development strategies. LISC serves neighborhoods through:

  • Sharing Best Practices Our staff members are assigned to specific neighborhoods to help facilitate work, identify neighborhood challenges, and respond to new opportunities. We provide program and capacity-building grants, technical assistance and other resources to our neighborhood partners.
  • Programs LISC Indianapolis serves as a program developer and broker to bring funders and government agencies together with neighborhood partners that can implement specific types of programs. We help manage multiple-neighborhood programs in five areas: housing, economic development, family income and assets, education, and health and environment. LISC’s staff helps neighborhoods with program design, planning, communications, implementation, and evaluation of program impacts.
  • Loans and Equity Investment LISC disburses loans to support a variety of real estate developments, including housing, retail stores, industrial projects, and community facilities. We also help neighborhood projects secure grants.