Small Business Week Highlight: Tlaolli


Carlos came from Monterrey, Mexico in 2005, following his wife and children who had come to the United States two years before. He worked for a large distribution company, helping them break into the Hispanic market and orienting their ingredients to more healthy sources. When this work was no longer available, his daughter Carla, who is a chef, encouraged him to start his own business. He started small, making salsa at home and selling it to friends and eventually distributors. When Indy’s Kitchen opened up, they began cooking there and branched into tamales. A contact from his daughter Jennifer connected Carlos to the small store front on Washington Street, owned by Englewood Community Development, and Tlaolli opened in July of 2013. This was the beginning of an increase in small businesses within the Englewood neighborhood and another option besides the fast food which is prevalent in the neighborhood. Since then, other small businesses such as Pia Urban Cafe & Market, Cat Head Press: Printshop and Artist Cooperative, and Farm 360 have thrived in the neighborhood, allowing those in Englewood and surrounding neighborhoods to have better access to daily needs and healthy, good food.