Indy Awarded Partners for Places Grant to Create Neighborhood Resilience Ambassadors

Now, more than ever, communities are coming together to confront climate change and build resilience at the local level.

That’s why the Funder’s Network is excited to announce the newest round of Partners for Places grantees: six cities across the United States and Canada that will receive nearly $900,000 dollars for sustainability efforts.

These local sustainability efforts focus largely on empowering and engaging low-income neighborhoods — communities that are disproportionately affected by climate change and extreme weather.

They will take place in cities both large and small, from a project in Indianapolis, Ind., that will recruit neighborhood “resilience ambassadors” to a solar-power effort in Oak Park, Ill., where local teens will research and produce a climate-themed radio show.

Partners for Places will provide $443,344 in funding to these six cities through its general grant program, which will be matched by local funders. That means a total of $899,977 will be leveraged to fund sustainability projects in these selected cities.

Indianapolis, Ind. ($146,711): To create a comprehensive, equitable, and socially just sustainability, climate action, and resilience plan for Indianapolis, with actions initially implemented within revitalization-focused neighborhoods. (Matching funders: McKinney Green Initiatives, a Central Indiana Community Foundation fund, and Indianapolis Power & Light.)