State Farm Neighborhood Assist- Be the Catalyst for Positive Change in your Community

Have you ever wanted to help your community with a problem but didn’t know where to start? Maybe it’s a run-down park or to help the impoverished in your community. Now, YOU have the power to fix it. State Farm Neighborhood Assist wants to help identify and address key issues faced by consumers throughout the United States.

State Farm Neighborhood Assist, a crowd-sourced philanthropic initiative, lets communities determine where grant funding is awarded. The application is short and simple, and can be found by visiting You, or someone you know, could be the catalyst for positive change to your community cause!

Here are the questions on the application:

  • How much does your “Cause” focus on an unmet need in this community?
  • Why do you feel the $25,000 would address the unmet need?
  • How much of a lasting impact on this community would the proposal have?

The submission phase is open for two weeks from Sept. 1-Sept. 15 and you may submit one entry into each of the three Program categories (Education, Safety, and Community Development.) It’s better to submit early – a maximum of 2,000 submissions will be accepted. All you have to do is submit the cause; you don’t have to “run the program.”

After the submission stage ends, the State Farm Youth Advisory Board (YAB), a group of college and high school students from across the country, will read and narrow down all the submissions to the top 200 finalists.

Once the top 200 causes are identified, they will appear on to be voted on by you and your community. The voting stage will last for 10 days from Oct. 26-Nov. 4 and each person gets 10 votes per day, every day during that period. Winners will be announced on November 30.

The top 40 causes with the most votes will each receive a $25,000 grant from State Farm!

Together, you and State Farm can help create safer, better educated and more engaged communities!