Great Places 2020 Plans Unveiled

Thank you to all who attended last night’s Great Places 2020 Neighborhood Plan Unveiling! With more than 550 residents, business owners and community partners in attendance, the event truly was a success.  Also, a big thank you to the host of the evening’s event – James Whitcomb Riley School #43. Each Great Place unveiled their area’s Strategic Plan, please see below for links to these visions.

$84 million committed to Great Places 2020
Great Places 2020 has structured initial funding sources and strategic programming so that private investment follows. To date, more than $84 million has been committed to the three Great Places from over 50 partners. Click here to see a list of those commitments. 
  LIS-002-Logo-River West-1b-PMS C-FNL
The West Michigan and King Great Place will now be known as River West.
Building Innovation on Indy’s Near West Side
With aims to enhance its connectivity to downtown Indianapolis even further, this Near West place enjoys a growing IT business sector and a commitment from area businesses to create a sense of place from cradle to career. Click here to access the River West Strategic Plan
LIS-002-Logo-Englewood Village-1a-PMS C-FNL
The East Washington and Oxford Great Place will now be known as Englewood Village.
Building Sustainability on Indy’s Near East Side
This neighborhood has taken the initiative to invest in human capital and to reclaim abandoned spaces like the Mallory campus with a vision for a vibrant, mixed-use neighborhood welcoming residents and visitors alike. Click here to access the Englewood Village Strategic Plan.
LIS-002-Logo-Maple Crossing-1a-PMS C-FNL
The 38th and Illinois Great Place will now be known as Maple Crossing.
Building Connectivity in Midtown Indy
Serving as a bridge between downtown and the north side, this diverse neighborhood is undergoing transformative changes to Tarkington Park and its surrounding commercial spaces that will appeal to residents of varying income levels. Please click here to access the Maple Crossing Strategic Plan.