Donate to help build the River West Multi-Generational Art Park

Great Places 2020 has joined forces with Patronicity to create a crowdfunding project in River West.

The River West Multi-Generational Art Park, located at 518 N. Pershing Avenue is envisioned to be a place where youth and the young at heart gather to observe and appreciate public art and engage in interactive activities that stimulate their minds.

The space will feature a vibrant wall art on the adjacent building, native plantings, attractive lighting fixtures and furnishings that inspire conversations and social interaction.

The Project

The mural will be designed with input and inspiration from neighbors of all ages.  It will be a reflection of our community and what values we collectively hold, despite the the amount of time we’ve spent here.

The Art Park’s focus will be the mural however it will include a myriad of other elements:

  • Pergola for shade and respite
  • Variety of seating options
  • Tables with built-in outdoor game boards for chess or checkers
  • Pavers that will feature poems or quotes
  • Hopscotch and 4 square courts

The native plantings and lighting will add to the aesthetic of the area along with the above described features. This park will serve as a gathering space, an environmental an asset and a retreat from the daily hustle and bustle of life in the city.

The Art Park is an opportunity for people who have an understanding of life and the importance of art, creativity, and reflection to create a space for all to gain an understanding of that importance. The park will serve a connector within the neighborhood and a space to direct engagement. It will be created by the Whole for the Whole to enjoy.

If you help us to reach our goal of $10,000 , then LISC Indiana will MATCH your contribution, essentially doubling your donation and impact!!!



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