Great Places 2020 Crowdfunding Campaign: Indy Steelers

Great Places 2020 Crowdfunding Campaign: Indy Steelers

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We are the Indy Steelers, a youth football program for ages 7-14 based out of Tarkington Park at 39th & Illinois.  Every week our team keeps these youth off the streets, making friends, and learning skills like teamwork & strategy they can use in school and life.  Now is the time for you to help us take it to the next level.

Beyond a love of the game, the teammates have faced a great deal of adversity over the past few seasons, but still managed to compete at the national level.  The first tragedy was the loss of 10 year old Deshaun Swanson in a drive-by shooting while attending a family funeral.  A drive-by shooting the year before left another teammate, Ty-juan Preer, in a wheelchair.  These are the realities faced by the youth of Indianapolis, but the opportunity to participate in the football program with the Indy Steelers gives these kids recreation & mentorship they need to grow. 

We play other Indianapolis youth football teams and travel the Midwest to regional competitions. The team has managed to bring home second place titles in national tournaments, but it also creates much more than sweat and pride. The program is connected to the MLK Community Center to provide homework assistance, literacy, tutoring activity, and support for parents.  These opportunities, along with the lessons learned on the field from coaches and teammates, makes this program unique in its ability to shape our youth.

Outfit a Player = Build the Future 

As our team continues to grow, we can no longer depend only on candy bar sales to provide our youth with the tools they need to succeed.  Uniforms and safety equipment are expensive and we have more than 100 players!

Your support will also help provide practice equipment such as tackling dummies, speed sled, resistance bands as well as some operational costs to continue to the program, enter tournaments, travel, and other costs.

For Every Dollar Contributed, LISC Indianapolis will match it to DOUBLE your donation!!!

Our kids have dedicated themselves to the game and the team spirit, community, and good connections it can build. Last season, three of our teams went undefeated but fell short in the championship games. Regardless, we are proud of them and continue to seek support to make the Indy Steelers the best local youth football program in Indianapolis.