Northeast Quality of Life Plan Unveiled

The Unveiling Event of the Northeast Corridor Quality of Life Plan was a great success! There were over 260 stakeholders, politicians and neighbors present to learn about action goals towards improving mass transit, implementing grocery stores, developing access to healthcare, and more.

With the support of LISC, the Northeast Corridor Quality of Life plan was developed from the grassroots level over the past 16 months and powered by 928 people and 87 organizations who were involved in the planning process. Guided by Amandula Anderson, executive director United Northeast Community Development Corporation, and Ben Harris, a community builder with the King Park Development Corporation, this plan is now ready and the community is now gearing up to implement this plan.

Feel free to re-live the unveiling experience by checking out the pictures and videos on the Facebook page! Also check out the feature in NUVO this week on the NE Corridor here.