3D Parts Manufacturing Secures $5000 with Kiva Kip Loan

Congratulations to Kim of Indianapolis’ 3D Parts Manufacturing, LLC for raising 100 percent of his Kiva Zip loan. Seventy-two lenders helped Kim reach his $5,000 loan goal.

3D Parts Manufacturing was started in 2003 and is an additive manufacturing facility in downtown Indianapolis that uses 3D printing technology to produce parts for everything from jet engines, to medical devices, to masters for molds. It is currently the largest operator of 3D printing equipment in Indianapolis.

Kiva Zip loans allow everyday people to support small businesses with 0% interest loans that enable them to access the capital they need to grow their businesses. With this new loan, 3D Parts Manufacturing will be able to install a power conditioning device to protect their equipment from power fluctuations and maintain production during power outages.

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